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Care and maintenance of contact lenses

March 06,2023

Care and maintenance of contact lenses

Among contact lenses, except for daily disposables, which are special and do not require care, other contact lenses must be cared for and maintained. This is a step that the wearer must learn. Since the lens starts to deposit protein from the moment it is worn, for the life of the lens and the health of the eyes, care and maintenance of contact lenses must be paid attention to. So, what should we do?

When it comes to the care of contact lenses, it is necessary to mention the essential accessories that play an important role in the process of cleaning and preserving lenses - care solutions and double boxes. When purchasing contact lenses, these need to be purchased together. The care solution and the double box should be cleaned and disinfected frequently when in use, and should not be placed in wet environments such as toilets and bathrooms, and should be replaced every three months.


If the cleaning is not thorough and the sediment gradually accumulates, it will affect the wearing comfort and the oxygen permeability of the lens, resulting in corneal hypoxia, foreign body sensation, etc. Excessive cleaning will shorten the service life of the lens and cause damage to the lens. The common cleaning method is to drop an appropriate amount of the care solution first, then gently rub with the index finger, rinse the care solution to be used, and store it in the double box.


For storing lenses, a special care solution must be used, and the care solution here cannot be replaced with other liquids. Mineral water, normal saline, tap water, eye lotion, etc. are not suitable for soaking or cleaning contact lenses, which are easy to cause bacterial and viral contamination, and may also cause adverse irritation to the cornea.


When wearing contact lenses, you should pay attention to record the opening date of the lenses, operate in strict accordance with the steps in the instructions, and wear them within the use cycle.

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