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Why do the edges of contact lenses always break? What kind of damage and why?

March 06,2023

Why do the edges of contact lenses always break? What kind of damage and why?

Types and Causes of Damaged Color Contact Lenses ❤

1. The lens is found to be broken within a short time after the glasses are fitted, most of which are caused by the use of sharp tweezers, the nails are too long, and the edge of the lens case is too sharp.

2. After the lens is dehydrated, it will become brittle and hard and easily broken. Please avoid dehydration of the lens.

3. According to the shape and direction of the crack, the smoothness of the crack is generally caused by the insufficient strength of the lens material. You can try to change the lens type. If the crack shape appears angular, it is caused by careless operation.


❤What behaviors are likely to cause lens damage❤

1. The nails are too long and too sharp, and the lens is scratched when taking it;

2. Use too much force when rubbing and washing, and use unqualified products to care for the lenses, such as "cleaners";

3. The lens falls on the ground and is scratched by the rough surface;

4. The lens is dry in the box, sticks between the box and the box, or the care solution is poured too full, causing rupture when opening and closing the mirror box;

5. Use unqualified tweezers to take the lens, which will cause lens wear.


❤The reason for the change of the lens parameters of the colored contact lens❤

1. Some eye drops, such as chloramphenicol, dicaine eye drops, etc., may change the diameter of the lens;

2. Mixed use of heat disinfection method and chemical disinfection method may cause the components in the disinfectant to react with the polymer material of the lens, thereby affecting the physical properties of the lens;

3. Some lens deposits, such as pigment proteins deposited on the surface of the lens, not only make the lens red, but also harden the lens and reduce the diameter;

4. The osmotic pressure of the potion is high, and the diameter of the lens is reduced; if the osmotic pressure is low, the diameter of the lens increases, so tap water, boiled water or distilled water cannot be used to soak the lens;

5. The lens is aging, and the lens that has passed the expiration date will be deformed and curled.

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