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What distinction do invisible lens astigmatism piece and common piece have?

March 06,2023

What distinction do invisible lens astigmatism piece and common piece have?

Most in myopic hyperopia patient have astigmatism of certain degree, call the astigmatism within 50 degrees diopter commonly physiological astigmatism, can need not special treatment.  But if the degree of astigmatism is severe, or symptoms such as dizziness and headache are more obvious, it must be corrected.  Astigmatism contact lenses are specially developed for patients with astigmatism.

Astigmatism contact lenses can be combined with ordinary lenses to make a single lens, and at the same time to correct hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.  Because of this, astigmatic lenses are more versatile and more expensive than regular lenses.  Jilin Ruerkang recommends you to do astigmatism examination in hospitals or professional optician shops, and customize astigmatism lenses according to the examination results of astigmatism degree and axial position.

Astigmatism lenses are thicker than normal lenses.  The common positioning method of astigmatism lens is prism positioning method, that is, on the basis of ordinary lens, a prism with the bottom down is designed to fix the lens and keep the lens not rotating on the eye.  The thickness of the lens also changes with the degree.

Astigmatic lenses need more attention in cleaning.  Ordinary lenses are easier to clean, as long as you rub them gently with your fingers.  Astigmatism lens because of uneven thickness, in the process of cleaning and maintenance, the thin side of the lens is easier to damage.

Astigmatic lenses are more complex to wear.  Astigmatic lenses are relatively thick, sometimes causing discomfort and foreign body sensation, so it takes longer to get used to, and some wearers will have dazzling light sensation.

Astigmatism lens and ordinary lenses are very different, for both hyperopia or myopia and astigmatism problem of the crowd, the correct wearing of optical lenses to inhibit vision decline.  Especially preschool children, must be fully corrected astigmatism, to prevent the formation of amblyopia.  Jilin Ruerkang Contact Lens Co., Ltd. uses prism positioning method to design astigmatism lenses, which can correct eyesight while ensuring comfortable wearing, because of professional, so it is trustworthy!  In addition, Ralkang also recommended astigmatism patients usually pay more attention to protect the eyes, to ensure adequate sleep.

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