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Help our buyer to design their logo and make customized box

March 06,2023

Help our buyer to design their logo and make customized box

Valia Abdalkader, she is a young lady, love our lenses very much, and want to build up her own brand, she do not have a logo yet.


But she know what she want, and she is a perfect lady, she need everything to be perfect, here is the case to show step to step how she explain her idea to us, and we follow her idea to make the design, and then make the box for her with the logo. 


After she received the box, she felt so happy, we are happy too, as her success is also our success, now she keep on receive repeat orders from her customers, they love the lenses very much, she order lenses from us every 2 weeks, this is the way we work with our clients, we are together.




Actually there are more work as I show on above photos, as there have a lot of changes from her idea to our designer to actual product, each time she saw the layout she had new ideas then need further changes, many many modifies during the design period, with the satisfaction of the perfect lady, we believe, we can meet the requirements for any other clients as well.



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