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Classification and characteristics of contact lenses

February 19, 2022

Latest company news about Classification and characteristics of contact lenses

Contact lenses, also known as corneal lenses, are used to correct vision or protect the eye. Contact lenses are beautiful in appearance and easy to use, which not only bring a new choice and experience to patients with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, but also are favored by beauty lovers. So how is contact lens classified, it has what kind of characteristics?


According to the lens material, contact lenses are divided into hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses and permeable contact lenses. Among them, hard contact lenses are generally made of PMMA polymer, while soft contact lenses are most popular because they are comfortable to wear, while breathable contact lenses are made of hydrophilic materials to make wearing more comfortable.


According to the time of discarding, contact lenses are divided into daily discarding, bi-weekly discarding, monthly discarding, quarterly discarding, half-yearly discarding and annual discarding. Disposable contact lenses can age and become deformed when they exceed the prescribed time limit, making them more prone to protein deposition and much less comfortable to wear. The abandonment time here is calculated from the opening time, even if it is not worn several times, the expiration will be abandoned. And in the actual wearing process, due to bacterial residue, protein precipitation and other factors, the actual service period is generally shorter than the theoretical value.


According to functional uses, contact lenses are divided into corrective lenses, beauty lenses, treatment lenses, color blind lenses and so on. Among them, corrective lenses are used to correct refractive errors, cosmetic lenses are color contact lenses, which are used to deepen and change eye color, therapeutic lenses are used to treat patients with eye diseases, and color blind lenses help patients with color blindness improve color discrimination.


More and more people are recognizing contact lenses as both practical and beautiful, but improper use and care can also bring new eye problems. A comprehensive understanding of the classification and characteristics of contact lenses, according to the actual situation to choose their own lenses. In the face of the rapid development of contact lens industry, Jilin Ruerkang will continue to adhere to the "science and technology, fashion, health, safety" business philosophy, strictly control product quality, and strive to create Ruerkang contact lens brand.

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